Pricing Policy Change to Safeguard Customers & Drivers

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Pricing Policy Change to Safeguard Customers & Drivers

Late night customers will be refused if they are unable to pay

Absolute Cabs have received a series of fabricated complaints recently following what appears to be a #MeToo campaign against the company.  Following the first incident over the Christmas period a local couple who booked a cab from the hospital to their home became abusive when the driver explained the fare did not include stopping at McDonalds.  

Private Hire drivers are trained to collect passengers and take them on their predetermined route where Absolute Cabs mainly serve business and corporate day-time customers who are organised and time critical.

The couple who became abusive did so upon arrival at their destination where the male passenger exited the vehicle and instructed his co-passenger not to pay the driver, proceeding to stand outside threatening to damage the drivers’ car.  Drivers for Absolute Cabs are owner/drivers and to a large extent it is important that their vehicle is not damaged over a working shift. This couple later took to Social Media to vent their frustration and in doing so caused a spat of #MeToo complaints from other customers trying it on and had the audacity to admit publicly that they abused the driver where the female passenger punched the driver causing him to react and leave for his safety.

To passengers who try it on

Since this incident a series of Facebook Posts have been reported to us via our website, where bizarrely customers are sharing stories whipping up how Absolute Cabs is an easy target for non-payment, distressing drivers, trying to cause disorder and blame it on the driver.

The Managing Director, Mr Jaan G Saqlain is taking action against this by introducing a change to the pricing policy for evening customers.  He is quoted saying:

We have had several damaging complaints where non-paying customers are trying to jump the taxi and do a runner without paying and this has to stop.   This movement by a few individuals is creating concern for our wider passengers and I see no alternative other than to refuse passengers who are unable to demonstrate they can pay and are willing to pay.

All Absolute Cabs drivers accept a range of payment options including card payment and cash and each of the booking offices have cash machines outside making it easy for late night customers to pay.   

A stop to non-paying customers

The company believes this move will ensure that it will stop non-paying customers ‘trying it on’ and it will safeguard both customers and drivers.  The Licenced DMBC drivers are reported in the social media stories as ‘criminals’ by individuals who are trying to slur the company just because they got caught out with not wanting to pay.    The drivers are trying to ensure they are paid, protect their vehicles and all they are doing is following protocol. One driver was accused of assaulting a woman, when the reality is, there were two passengers.  The driver called the Police whilst in his car and the Police asked him to follow them to the door and hand over his phone over so they can talk to the passengers.   These handful of customer appear to think they can make up any story they like. The driver actually collected and picked up the bag the passenger dropped whilst doing a run-away and then the driver took the bag back to the office and handed it in as lost property; later the company sent a second car to deliver the lost property even though the pair never paid a penny.  Yet online, on social media the driver is accused of assault, steeling the bag and kidnapping a lone woman.

No money, no ride

Of the total complaints Absolute Cabs receives on average per annum, it is believed that pre-charging late night customers will reduce all complaints to less than 10% of its current level.

This new policy covers the stories including:

  1. A woman fearing for her kids life, when in fact she became abusive due to fare
  2. Driver abducted a woman, when in fact he left a violent situation to protect himself
  3. Woman alone claiming driver assaulted her, when in fact two people ran from the taxi

Due to these stories and #MeToo incidents, any bookings after 6pm Absolute Cabs will be refused if passengers are unwilling and unable to pay for the journey at the start.

Regular customer Mrs Jones from Adwick-le-street said

I use Absolute Cabs a lot, both in the evening and daytime and its a shame that what appears to be the younger generation are spoiling what has always worked well.   I pay for my trains in advance, I pay for the bus when I use the bus and I also pay for my plane tickets in advance too. Why should it be any different for a cab? They wouldn’t let us on a bus without paying so why do some expect to enter a cab without paying?   Well done Absolute Cabs.

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  1. Helen vernall February 25, 2020 at 3:16 pm - Reply

    I have used absolute for the past few years and know most of the drivers I can honestly say I have never had an issue with any of them they are never rude Abusive or late , I wouldn’t use any other company in Doncaster I have always felt safe with absolute

  2. john goodall February 25, 2020 at 4:24 pm - Reply

    I have used this firm for years long distance and short never had a problem.. Even my wife uses it at night alone and NEVER one problem… They have collected my mum from hospital at 4am alone and she could not fault the driver… They are just trying to make a living end of the day… I don’t believe any of there drivers would do the things that have been said…. Carry on absolute

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